‘Our strategy today is to build loyalty; we’re not interested in anonymous clicks and traffic. We use data points to give the user a better experience….’

Robin Govik

Swedish tech supplier United Robots says relevance is the real benefit when editorial choices are made by their automated systems. Journalism.co.uk reports the comments from United Robots co-founder and chairman Robin Govik at the Digital Innovation Summit in Berlin.

Govik says their AI systems published 64,000 stories last year, with three million page views and a 50 per cent boost in story selection.

Govik is also chief digital officer at Sweden’s Mittmedia, which uses UR systems.


  • AI systems in journalism are typically described as process enhancements — increases in story volume, reductions in drudgery, etc. Govik switches the perspective outward, focusing on audience benefits.
  • His comments could inspire new research. What is the correlation between click-throughs from algorithmic v human story line-ups?


What happens when bots become editors?
JOURNALISM.CO.UK | March 28, 2019 | by Jacob Granger