‘China is developing artificial intelligence on an unparalleled scale, but the US aims to beat it by inventing the next big ideas.’

MIT Technology Review reports new details of a $2 billion plan for AI research by DARPA, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The spending is to advance the next generation of AI technology.

The story says project areas include:

  1. teaching AI models how to have common sense
  2. training learning-based systems with smaller datasets
  3. making more efficient AI chips
  4. explaining the decision-making of opaque machine-learning tools
  5. making AI programs more secure


  • More insights from fewer data would directly benefit journalism, one of many areas where very large data sets are rare.
  • More explainability would address current concerns about verifying findings from learning-based systems.
  • Learning-based systems using smaller data sets would generally expand the use of AI systems.
  • Smaller data sets level the geo-political playing field. Large-scale data needs favour AI development in China, given its larger population and fewer privacy provisions.


The out-there AI ideas designed to keep the US ahead of China
MIT Technology Review | March 8, 2019 | by Will Knight