Steven Strogatz: One Giant Step for a Chess Playing Machine | NEW YORK TIMES

‘AlphaZero seemed to express insight. It played like no computer ever has, intuitively and beautifully, with a romantic, attacking style.’

IN THE NEW YORK TIMES mathematician Steven Strogatz says the threshold crossed by the game-playing AI, AlphaZero, displayed ‘a breed of intellect humans have not seen before’ and suggests it is time for us to think about times when insights are shown by other AI systems. AlphaZero is an AI system that beat the best players in the world — human or computer — at Go, chess, and a Japanese variant of chess called shogi.

Steven Strogatz is a professor of mathematics at Cornell University and author of the forthcoming ‘Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe’.


One Giant Step for a Chess-Playing Machine
The New York Times | Dec 2018 | by Steven Strogatz

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