by Andrew Cochran

Venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee Lee went home to China’s digital culture after being a Silicon Valley executive. He gives vivid accounts of mobile commerce replacing cash and banks and how business competition is warfare.

His most compelling scene describes computer science students leaving their dormitories after lights out to continue studying outside under the street lamps.

Elsewhere he echoes the coming disruption in labour markets, the imperatives for continual re-training, and prospects for co-existing with intelligent machines.

Lee repositions ‘copying culture’ as part of the bigger picture of learning intensity, using proven successes as the basis for reverse-engineering to quicken iterations.

Lee’s self-interest as an investor in many Chinese tech companies is never far beneath the surface, but he makes no claims of objectivity. He writes with the authenticity of a participant.

AI SUPER-POWERS is about business more than computer science, especially how AI re-calibrates competitive advantage. He asks and answers the question, “How does business strategy change when data is plentiful?”

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AI Superpowers – China, Silicon Valle, and the New World Order
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | 2018 | by Kai-Fu Lee