‘Despite its name, there is nothing “artificial” about this technology — it is made by humans, intended to behave like humans and affects humans. So if we want it to play a positive role in tomorrow’s world, it must be guided by human concerns.’

In The New York Times, Fei-Fei Li makes a case for human-centred AI.

Li directs the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, heads the global initiative AI4ALL, and during her recent sabbatical, was the chief scientist for AI research at Google Cloud. She is a strong proponent of increasing diversity in AI research and democratizing AI.

In her earlier research, Dr. Li’s team developed ImageNet, a very large dataset that was significant in the development and validation of deep learning.


How to Make A.I. That’s Good for People
THE NEW YORK TIMES | March 2018 | by Fei-Fei Li