NEWS BRIEFS: 2014-2016

This is a list of news stories from 2014 through 2018, displayed by recency, and human-selected for relevance. The list is not intended to include all references in the period. Headlines are direct links to the full story.

Will artificial intelligence help or harm journalism?
DAILY SABAH | September 2016 | ‘…the A.I. isn’t just letting machines learn new things by themselves but it also forces us to think differently so that we try to create value from our humanistic perspective.’

Journalism can survive artificial intelligence
JAPAN TIMES | July 2016 | ‘Passions and motivations are always the most important thing in journalism, even in the era of robots.’

Norwegian News Agency is betting on automation for football coverage | June 2016 | ‘NTB has automated its football coverage, with its match reports written by a robot journalist and published within 30 seconds of the end of the game.’

Did a robot write this article? The upsides and downsides of automated journalism
BBC ACADEMY | June 2016 |‘Did a robot write this article? No, but it could have. This isn’t the plot of a dystopian Philip K. Dick novel, but an emerging journalistic reality.’

Get used to automation in newsrooms
NYU JOURNALISM | March 2016 | ‘The robots are already here. More will likely follow. They won’t replace human journalists. But they will change the job.’

Automation in the Newsroom
NeimanReports | September 2015 |‘How algorithms are helping reporters expand coverage, engage audiences, and respond to breaking news’

A Brief Guide to Robot Reporting Tools
NeimanReports | September 2015 |From crime statistics to SEC filings, software agents can monitor vast amounts of open data to help journalists spot potential stories’

In the Future, Robots Will Write News That’s All About You
WIRED | June 2015 |
‘HERE COME THE robot reporters. This week the AP announced it will use software to automatically generate news stories about college sports that it didn’t previously cover.’

And the Pulitzer goes to… a computer
THE GUARDIAN | June 2015 | ‘Computer-generated copy is already used in sports and business reporting – will machines soon master great storytelling?’

AP’s ‘robot journalists’ are writing their own stories now.
THE VERGE | January 2015 | ‘Before this program was implemented, the AP estimates it was doing quarterly earnings coverage for about 300 companies. Now it automates 3,000 such reports each quarter.’

Robots Are Invading the News Business, and It’s Great for Journalists
NEW YORK MAGAZINE | July 2014 | ‘The stories that today’s robots can write are, frankly, the kinds of stories that humans hate writing anyway.’

A leap forward in quarterly earnings stories
‘The Associated Press announced in an advisory to customers today that the majority of U.S. corporate earnings stories for our business news report will eventually be produced using automation technology.’

Could robots be the journalists of the future?
THE GUARDIAN | March 2014 |In this digital age, even journalism is being automated. Now over to GUARBOT for the news …’

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