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An ethical checklist for robot journalism

by Tom Kent Feb 24, 2015 Updated October 2019   It’s routine now for news organizations to use artificial intelligence to write news. Robots are regularly transforming data into stories, and stories into multimedia presentations. As more organizations start deploying AI,…

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If we are using AI in journalism we need better guidelines on reporting uncertainty | ONLINE JOURNALISM BLOG

‘85% is quite good in machine learning terms — but journalistically, it’s problematic. We have moved from dealing with facts, to dealing with estimates.’ The ONLINE JOURNALISM BLOG points out differences between reporting data as facts and data as probabilities…

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Paul Chadwick: As technology develops, so must journalists’ codes of ethics | THE GUARDIAN

‘A clause something like: “When using artificial intelligence to augment your journalism, consider its compatibility with the values of this code. Software that ‘thinks’ is increasingly useful, but it does not necessarily gather or process information ethically.”’ IN THE GUARDIAN…

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Artificial​ ​Intelligence: Practice​ ​and Implications​ ​for Journalism | TOW 2017

A REPORT FROM THE TOW CENTER FOR DIGITAL JOURNALISM + BROWN INSTITUTE FOR MEDIA INNOVATION says ‘humans need to stay in the loop’ as artificial intelligence develops in journalism. They foresee possibilities for stories otherwise unobtainable with intelligent machines and…

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Ethical Challenges of Algorithmic Journalism | Dörr & Hollnbuchner

Konstantin Nicholas Dörr and Katharina Hollnbuchner present a framework for considering ethical issues when algorithms generate news. AUTHORS Konstantin Nicholas Dörr, Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, Media Change & Innovation Division, University of Zurich Katharina Hollnbuchner, Institute of…