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Tools such as ChatGPT threaten transparent science; here are our ground rules for their use | NATURE

““First, no LLM tool will be accepted as a credited author on a research paper. That is because any attribution of authorship carries with it accountability for the work, and AI tools cannot take such responsibility.““ NATURE Editorial Leading science…

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“. . . only reliable data can produce reliable AI applications. A conscious data culture is vital to our day-to-day work and an important leadership task to future-proof public service media>” from Guideline 4 German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)…

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Yoshua Bengio: From System 1 Deep Learning to System 2 Deep Learning | NeurIPS 2019

Runs 55:02 Turing Award recipient Yoshua Bengio connects deep learning to concepts of cognition described in ‘Thinking fast and Slow,’ the book by Daniel Kahneman. Bengio says ‘System 1’ thinking is like deep learning’s current state: He suggests future deep…

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AI Anchors: Artificial sincerity, too?

The AI anchors of Xinhua TV by Andrew Cochran May 4, 2019 last updated October, 2019 In the 1980s, the UK production Max Headroom parodied a computer-generated figure known for its sarcasm and digital stutter. Not 30 years later, AI-powered…

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AI model has music in its repertoire

by Andrew Cochran An AI technology that generates believable text produces tunes, too. Both come from OpenAI, a California company dedicated to developing artificial general intelligence. Their music model is called MuseNet. OpenAI says MuseNet can generate an original composition…

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How is artificial intelligence used in journalism?

by Andrew Cochran January 1, 2019 updated October 2019 AI systems in newsrooms are doing tasks not jobs. Examples are outputting templated stories from structured data or clustering social media posts to flag breaking stories. Three themes have emerged: 1…

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Paul Chadwick: As technology develops, so must journalists’ codes of ethics | THE GUARDIAN

‘A clause something like: “When using artificial intelligence to augment your journalism, consider its compatibility with the values of this code. Software that ‘thinks’ is increasingly useful, but it does not necessarily gather or process information ethically.”’ IN THE GUARDIAN…