AI BRIEFS: September 2019

Artificial intelligence and face scanning technology is being used in UK job interviews for the first time to identify best candidates
DAILY MAIL | September 28, 2019 | by Faith Ridler |
‘…using algorithms to evaluate an applicant’s 15-minute video against 25,000 pieces of data gathered from previous ‘successful’ hires.’

Art Project Shows Racial Biases in Artificial Intelligence System
SMITHSONIAN.COM | September 24, 2019 | by Meilan Solly
| ‘According to artnet News’ Naomi Rea, the labels used to teach A.I. were, in turn, supplied by lab staff and crowdsourced workers; by categorizing presented images in terms of race, gender, age and character, these individuals introduced “their own conscious and unconscious opinions and biases” into the algorithm.’

Grammarly uses AI to detect the tone and tenor of your writing
VENTURE BEAT | September 24, 2019 | by Kyle Wiggers |
‘it taps a battery of hard-coded rules and machine learning algorithms to spot signals in a piece contributing to its tone, including word choice, phrasing, punctuation, and even capitalization.’

The AI-Art Boom
PENTA | September 24, 2019 | by Mitch Moxley |
‘When artwork is created by an algorithm, who is the artist—the programmer or the computer? …how do you value a creation that’s designed to live natively on the internet and be widely shared?’

Artificial intelligence can improve sales by four times compared to some human employees
PHYS.ORG | September 23, 2019 | by Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences | ‘Chatbots, which use artificial intelligence to simulate human conversation through voice commands or text chats, incur almost zero marginal costs and can outsell some human employees by four times, so why aren’t they used more often? According to new research, the main contributor is customer pushback.’

This Picasso painting had never been seen before. Until a neural network painted it.
MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW | September 20, 2019 | by Emerging Technology from the arXiv |
‘The researchers have used the same technique to retrieve lost paintings by other artists and say it has the potential to transform the way art historians work.’

Adobe’s New AI-Powered Plugin Intelligently Reframes Videos for Screens With Different Shapes
GIZMODO | September 13, 2019 | by Andrew Liszewski |
It will analyze the footage, and then create multiple versions in 16:9 widescreen, 1:1 square, and 9:16 vertical aspect ratios so the final result can be played on almost any device.’

AI Uncovers Secret Layers of Famous Art
AI DAILY | September 11, 2019 | by Edward Bristow | ‘The output of the AI showed a near flawless isolation of each layer of the panels. In their published journal piece, the team described the results as “remarkable” and called for “further investigation” into the potency of this new technology.’

AI as good as Mahler? Austrian orchestra performs symphony with twist
FRANCE 24 | September 7, 2019 | AFP |
‘Working with the first 10 notes of Mahler’s Symphony No. 10, the software gave him four suggested segments, out of which he chose one, following which it continued giving him four more segments and so on.’

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