AI BRIEFS: January 2019

Google releases dataset to help AI systems spot fake audio recordings
VENTURE BEAT | January 2019 |
‘When Google announced the Google News Initiative in March 2018, it pledged to release datasets that would help “advance state-of-the-art research” on fake audio detection — that is, clips generated by AI intended to mislead or fool voice authentication systems.’

Risks and regulation of algorithmic news in the era of artificial intelligence
DAILY MIRROR | January 2019 |
‘The news communication industry is highly dependent on technology, and every new technology will take its transformation.’ 

AI Finally Becomes Helpful
NEIMANLAB | January 2019 |
‘More achievable projects — like feeding reporters story tips, automated tracking of data to uncover fraud, and scripts to keep published stories up-to-date — can make work easier for journalists.’

The rise of the digital era in journalism
THE HINDU | January 2019 |
‘With the blossoming of electronic communication tools and platforms, news organisations have discovered a plethora of new opportunities in information delivery, as well as the challenge of interweaving data privacy and security with innovation.’

How Innovative Newsrooms Are Using Artificial Intelligence
‘Many large newsrooms and news agencies have, for some time, relegated sports, weather, stock exchange movements and corporate performance stories to computers. Surprisingly, machines can be more rigorous and comprehensive than some reporters.’ 

This list is human-selected for relevance and is not intended to include all references in the period.

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